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Federal Railroad Administration

View of train inside train station.

Federal Railroad Administration Requires Drug Testing

Rail transportation must be safe, reliable and efficient to accommodate both people and goods. This standard cannot be compromised, and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is ever-ready to ensure compliance. In the event you find yourself regulated under the FRA, then the first thing to do is to read through the organization’s drug testing requirements to avoid a breach.

There may be certain areas of the FRA drug testing procedures that are not clear to you. That is no problem; a quick call to ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area will take care of that. However, there is still some useful information below, so keep reading.

Steer Clear of Breaking FRA Drug Testing Requirements

The FRA has worked hard to maintain a healthy relationship with the public over the years. The organization has developed a tradition of integrity and excellence when making vital decisions like the one on drug testing which is meant to ensure safety and efficiency in the railroad system. The organization must also comply with DOT regulations. Priority must be placed on employees to ensure they are sober and safe, and adherence to FRA-regulated drug testing is one sure way to accomplish these goals.

Learn More About Our FRA Testing Services

You can access FRA testing services for drug or alcohol through ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area. Call today. We are waiting to assist and make compliance easy.