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24/7 Emergency Services

24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week Availability for DOT-Compliant Testing Services

The DOT (Department of Transportation) has a rule that requires drug and alcohol testing right after an unlawful incident. The FMCSA requires companies to conduct the testing as soon as possible after the accident. A test is usually performed within 2-8 hours after the accident for alcohol tests and within thirty-two hours for drug tests.

Following the regulations of the DOT is critical, and you may need to conduct scheduled testing. ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area can help. We offer testing services that are available around the clock and are equipped to do quick tests that are accurate and performed by certified professionals.

Reinforcing Standards Set by The DOT at Any Location

Our staff has been educated to understand all the factors surrounding the requirements and procedures set by the DOT. Hence, we reinforce the same standards when helping you complete the collections. We reinforce whether we’re inside our labs, at your office or at the site of the accident. Also, we are well experienced in following CoC (Chain of Custody) to maintain the integrity of our testing.

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You can benefit from our mobile DOT testing that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week during emergencies. You can contact ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area for help.