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Suboxone Testing

Suboxone Testing in Minneapolis Metro areaSuboxone – Two Treatments in One

Did you know?

  • Suboxone’s advantages over methadone and fentanyl in treating opioid addiction include milder withdrawal symptoms and a lower risk of death due to respiratory suppression.
  • Suboxone is comprised of two drugs: naloxone is its anti-opioid component and buprenorphine is its opioid-like counterpart
  • In treating mothers and their newborns going through opioid withdrawal, suboxone has been known to cause fewer side effects and require shorter hospital stays.
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Suboxone Drug Tests

It is generally accepted that suboxone consists of buprenorphine and naloxone. The purpose of suboxone is to help addicts of opioids such as heroin, prescription pain-killers and many others, to quit using the drugs. The is accomplished through the drug’s two components: buprenorphine (an opioid analgesic) and naloxone (an opioid blocker). In this combination, the drug contains an opioid producing a far less “high” than its more potent family members, which helps make the transition away from addiction easier. The detox period for suboxone ranges from one day up to seven weeks.

Unlike methadone, which can only be obtained at a methadone clinic, suboxone is easier to access. However, it can be obtained only from doctors who are specially qualified to prescribe it.

Benefits of 10-Panel Drug Testing

One of many drugs that is detectable with ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area’s 10-panel test is suboxone. This is a drug screen that typically tests urine for a broader window of illicit substances than our 5-panel test.

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