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Workplace Policies

Creating Legal Workplace Drug Testing Policies

Attorneys who are experts in corporate law are usually up-to-date with the latest state and federal regulations involving drug and alcohol testing. However, if you deal with factors that can affect best practices in workplace drug and alcohol testing, ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area can become a partner to best ensure compliance.

In order to make the most effective corporate policy in regards to alcohol and drug abuse, think about speaking with a workplace testing specialist at ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area.

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Drug Testing in The Workplace Meets Industry Best Practices

Our employees are proficient in handling all sorts of drug and alcohol tests including those which are admissible in court. This makes our company highly capable of providing your testing practices the guidance they require.

We are able to assist corporate lawyers in determining and evaluating criteria when creating a drug testing program for the workplace including:

  • New practices and techniques in drug and alcohol technologies
  • Different kinds of testing and windows for detection
  • Different types of testing required (pre-hire, suspicion, post-incident, random)
  • The latest trends in how drugs are being used at the local and state level
  • Optimal collections location – mobile or in the lab
  • The classification of drugs and other narcotics, which includes drugs made in a lab

Since we are one of the most respected experts in the drug and alcohol testing world, we are capable of helping with educating employees and keeping a close eye on them to be sure that everything is executed properly.

Make an effective workplace drug testing program; get in touch with ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area!

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