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Deceased DNA Matching

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DNA Matching Solves Mysteries and Unlocks Benefits

ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area is here to help you solve mysteries in your family. DNA testing can provide you with a comparison to help make many important legal decisions, and we’re here to help you learn the truth you need to know.

Estates are often settled because of the tests our staff performs, and we are willing to take samples of anyone in a family  who is in a dispute. Our staff will determine the rightful heir through efficient and reliable DNA comparison.

DNA testing and analysis is quite advanced, and there is much to be learned once a sample is taken. We are here to help if you wish to record your DNA, which may one day be compared with a deceased relative.

Did you know?

  • We offer different collection methods such as a cheek swab or hair sample, and the process is a simple one. This saves you time in order to help provide the answers you need quickly and efficiently.
  • The attorneys who represent funeral homes often need a sample to ensure they may prove that the proper person was buried or cremated. This is a simple process, and it may be completed by our lab in moments.
  • We will take direct samples that you may use in the future to ensure you have the information you need about your loved one. You must ensure that you have invested in samples today so that you will have a record for the future.
  • The direct DNA sample you get from a deceased relative will help ensure that you have a record of their DNA if there is a ever a question of paternity or parentage in the future. You may need this information that died with them if you did not get a sample.

Health Questions Answered with DNA Testing

DNA tests help solve mysteries that families encounter when someone passes away. The DNA is easily-retrievable when we have a  test on-file, and we keep samples for you as the custodian of your records. The staff at ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area is happy to complete each new test, and we will ensure that you have been given all the assistance you need with your testing protocol.

Attorneys will request DNA samples because they need to know what is possible in a particular case. They may need the samples for the future to make important determinations in relation to the case. People have been exonerated many times because the lawyer requested a test of a DNA sample.

Funeral homes often ask their clients if they wish to perform these tests because they may need the DNA in the future, and you may have it collected for anyone in your family. It helps tremendously to have a record of what has been passed down through your family, and you will find that the records are easy to leave with us.

DNA tests exonerated JonBenet Ramsey’s parents, and it could be used in many cases like theirs. You must be aware of what you may do with the tests, and you will find that the tests are helpful in cases where you don’t have enough evidence to go on.


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