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Semen Identification

Male and female lab technicians looking at test tube in lab.

Identification via Bodily Fluids

If you have a client who is a victim of sexual assault, has endured sexual abuse, or who suspects an unfaithful spouse, ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area can help them with the identification of bodily fluids including semen. If you represent a victim or are a victim yourself, our highly trained and certified sample collectors can assist through every phase of the process including gathering the specimen with proper procedures. This is essential so that any results obtained are permitted for admission in court if necessary.

The highly-trained personnel at ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area are able to assist with:

  • Evidence collection
  • Proper identification & documentation
  • Collection & testing of all bodily fluids
  • Collection of DNA samples
  • Processing & analysis of DNA sample
  • Confidential reporting

The certified staff here at ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area is able to provide forensically-sound DNA testing & analysis. The process used is compliant with all standard procedures from sample collection to final reporting to provide you with results that are beyond reproach.

ARCpoint Labs provides Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing for all.