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Child Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing for Child Custody

When and if it should come to pass that one parent must be chosen to provide a stable environment for a child or children, it is vital to determine they are not using drugs or alcohol to ensure a safe, healthy and stable environment. It is of utmost importance to all those involved in any case that the child’s needs are taken care of including those who administer the test themselves.

Working hand in hand with the judicial system, ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area provides confidential, reliable and accurate testing for both drugs and alcohol with a variety of testing options. Depending on the urgency of your case, social service workers can select the appropriate test for your situation based on the time-frame in which you need to be screened for drugs or alcohol as well as how swiftly the results are needed. Instant tests can be provided based on your needs.

Drug Monitoring for Custody Cases

ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area also provides services for monitoring the recent use of substances as well as 24/7 monitoring services. All steps that must be taken and followed to ensure court-admissible test results are taken including drug, alcohol and DNA testing services. This ensures that all information used to place a child is trusted and accurate.

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If you would like more information on drug & alcohol testing or monitoring services for child placement, contact ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area today.

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