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Family Law

What ARCpoint Can Do For Family Law Practitioners

Legal professionals require court-admissible testing on a regular basis. If you specialize in child welfare, divorce, or estate law, look no further for dependable, secure, and confidential testing.

ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area offers a comprehensive array of drug, alcohol and DNA tests that are both reliable and convenient. Because our facility is concentrated on forensically-admissible testing for all legal situations, we are capable of handling custom analysis. Our aim is to help you decide the right type of test for your uniquely challenging cases.

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Our Capabilities

We are equipped to offer a range of tests and collections, including:


We use laboratories certified by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) staffed with certified professionals to verify paternal relationships confidentially. DNA can be analyzed from a variety of items. However, for admissible evidence, a direct specimen will be necessary to collect from the individuals.

Infidelity DNA

We can compare the DNA on objects to determine the possibility of infidelity. Items analyzed for indiscretions are handled by trained personnel under a strictly documented chain of custody for forensically reliable results.

Passive Exposure

Our labs can identify passive or direct exposure in children or adults to amphetamine, methamphetamine, cannabinoids, crack, cocaine, and phencyclidine (PCP). This can give your case the clues you need about the environment in which a child has been living.

Relationship DNA

Establishing a genetic relationship between two people for the purposes of inheritance claims is processed in the same professional manner as with paternity claims. We take extra measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of those providing the specimens you need for your case.

Custom Programs

Every case is unique with its own set of challenges and needs. Our laboratories are ready to work with the explicit nature of your case to provide the quality evidence you require. Examples of what custom programs may entail include:


  • Unidentified substance analysis
  • ChildGuard© to test for certain metabolites in hair specimens to determine precise exposure
  • Nail or hair test for comprehensive drug analysis
  • Variable locations for collection
  • Flexible scheduling to work with the availability of your client and trial dates
  • Testifying to explain results clearly or to confirm chain of custody documents
  • Follow-up to meet legal requirements


For more questions about our capabilities or custom requests, contact our facility today.

Safe and Efficient Collections

Cases involving the welfare of children, drugs and/or matters of estate are typically very sensitive subjects. At ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area, we employ discretion during our collection processes that are safe and secure to ensure the quality of specimens as well as the safety of participants. To avoid the possibility of disputes or conflicts during collection, we schedule each family member separately. Discretion is often a key component to maintain confidentiality in the difficult situations your case might present.

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Expedited orders are available to accommodate the essential demands your case presents. We offer electronic and paper options for you or your clients to fill out for analysis requests as well.

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Contact ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area today to set up a drug, alcohol, or DNA testing program that is designed to be precisely what you need!

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