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Inheritance & Estate DNA Testing

Using DNA Testing to Establish Rights to Inherit

State laws dictate how deceased individuals’ property is distributed if no will was in place. Depending upon the state, spouses, blood-related children, uncles, aunts and siblings may be eligible for inheritance. These laws are focused almost solely on blood relationships.

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DNA Testing to Settle Estates in the News

DNA testing can quickly and accurately confirm or dispose of their claims. A recent case shows the value of this type of testing. After the death of Prince, a musician, his estate of $300 to $500 million became the target of over 700 people claiming to be blood relatives. Since the artist had no known children and was not married at the time, the probate judge ordered all those allege relatives to be given DNA tests.

DNA Testing Settles the Question Clearly and Finally

Not everyone is as famous or has an estate as large as Prince, but many people face similar circumstances. If you or your child have a possible claim to estate inheritance, you may choose to undergo DNA testing to confirm the biological facts. DNA testing can be used to reveal if a person is a child, mother, father, sibling, cousin, uncle or aunt to another individual. This is because every person’s DNA is unique, but siblings among relatives can be found.

Other Cases Where DNA Testing May Help

Proving biological family relationships may also be required in claims for:

  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Assuming estates, property and trusts
  • Life insurance beneficiaries or other “upon-death” arrangements
  • Social Security benefits
  • Other issues of inheritance/estates entrusted to family members
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