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Common Drugs

You may decide to seek a drug test for a loved one or yourself for any number of reasons ranging from employment requirements to addiction accountability. Regardless of the reason, it’s best to have the results so there are no surprises. At ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area, we can provide you with accurate and completely confidential results when testing for alcohol or nearly any drug, steroid, nicotine or synthetic substance. All testing is accurate, reliable and confidential.

Image of a syringe, yellow tablets, and baggie and white powder.

Commonly Used Drugs

Unfortunately, there are certain substances that are perennial favorites for use and abuse . . .

Cotinine Testing

Cotinine testing is the process used to determine if someone is an active smoker or tobacco user . . .

Prescription Drug Testing

Certain prescription drugs are subject to abuse and often require screening . . .

Steroid Testing

The use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs in sports and other arenas is not going away . . .

Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs, or “designer drugs” as they are commonly known, are a slightly altered chemical version of an illegal drug . . .

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