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Synthetic Drugs

A Dangerous Conundrum

Did you know?

  • It is impossible to know the ingredients and strength of synthetic drugs, also known as club or designer drugs. This is because they are created in illegal labs.
  • Those who ingest designer drugs may experience anxiety, seizures, loss of consciousness and death as a result of the mystery ingredients.
  • While some are synthetic, date rape drugs are not the same thing as club drugs.
Hand stretched out holding white powder in a bag.

The Growth of Synthetic Drugs

Almost as soon as synthetic drugs hit the shelf, the DEA began outlawing them and their compounds. Along with traditional street drugs and prescription drugs, they are a growing and deadly problem in today’s drug culture. Despite being illegal, some forms are still easy to obtain if a person has an under-the-table connection. Minor formula changes allow other synthetic drugs to slip by the DEA.

What defines a synthetic drug?

Sellers may claim these synthetic drugs provide experiences that are similar to the organic version, but this is not the case. Traditional marijuana grows in the ground, and synthetic drugs are created through combining various chemical compounds that can lead to more intense, dangerous effects that lead to ER visits, comas and fatalities.

Common Synthetic Drug Street Names

    • Bombay Blue
    • K2 (synthetic marijuana)
    • Spice
    • Black Mamba
    • Flakka
    • Blaze
    • Bliss
    • Molly (MDMA or ecstasy)
    • Bath Salts (also marketed as plant feeder, insect repellent and stain remover)
    • Genie

    The Partnership for Drug Free America website contains more information on synthetic drugs.

    Because synthetic drugs are unregulated and their ingredients are often unknown, separate tests are required to identify them. When you contact ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area, we will help you determine if testing for synthetic drugs alone or in conjunction with traditional testing makes sense and discuss all of your options. As with all ARCpoint Labs services, our goal in synthetic drug testing is to conduct professional testing that produces accurate results.

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Synthetic drug testing is available at ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area.

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