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Sweat Patch

Did you know?

  • Passive drug exposure, being around others using drugs, does not affect a sweat patch test.
  • While some may try by drinking water to dilute the system as a method of “cheating” the sweat patch test, this actually increases the concentration of drugs in the patch since it makes the subject sweat more.
  • Over the course of 7-10 days, most people’s patches will fall off. This is because sweat patches collect skin cells as they shed which eventually causes the patch to lose its stickiness.

How Sweat Patch Drug Testing Works

In situations that require 24/7 substance abuse monitoring such as in judicial matters, sweat patch drug testing is a common method.

After the test subject wears it for 7-14 days, the patch is assigned a number then sent to our labs for testing.

Patches can’t be removed or reapplied. They are also waterproof and tamper-evident to help ensure accurate test results.

The wearer is unable to alter the process in which traces of any illegal substances used during the test period collect in the patch. Substances the patch can identify include:

  • Opiates
  • Marijuana
  • PCP
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine

At the end of the test period, an ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area collector will remove, match the patch up with the correct number, and send it in for testing at the lab. Most people wear them for 7-10 days, but some patches can stay on for up to 14 days before they’re saturated with skins cells and lose their stickiness. After this, a new patch will be reapplied, if necessary.

Often, results are available within a few business days.

Common Sweat Patch Uses

The sweat patch drug test, while widely available, is most often used to monitor:

  • Employees with a history of drug use
  • Parental custody matters involving Child Protective Services
  • Criminals on probation

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis Metro area for more information on sweat patch drug testing.

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